Immokalee Sidewalk Project (CDBG)

Carver Street and South Fifth Street


  In June 2019, through a competitive process, the Immokalee CRA was selected and awarded grant funds for additional sidewalk improvements along the south side of Immokalee. The CRA received a total of $676,365 of HUD funding allocation for CDBG projects. The Immokalee Sidewalk 2018 Improvement Project will allow the CRA to complete sidewalk improvements along a portion of Carver Street & South 5th Street.  The total project cost is estimated at $867,000. This project is part of a sidewalk implementation program in Immokalee, which will provide many benefits including safety, mobility, and healthier communities.  The sidewalks will make the community more attractive to potential businesses to come to the community, thus will increase job opportunities. Construction is expected to be completed in October 2020.


Funding Sources:

CDBG - $676,365

CRA - $190,635