Commercial Facade Grant


Mandatory Pre-Application Meeting

CRA staff will review the applicant’s conceptual plans in an informal setting, including discussion of the eligibility criteria, Program requirements, proposed project scheduling, and consistency of the proposal with the intent of the Program. At this stage, staff can offer assistance with the completion of the application form and provide limited technical and architectural guidance on the project proposal. At the conclusion of the pre-application meeting, staff will provide the applicant with a general determination as to whether the proposed project is likely to qualify to receive Program funds and whether the applicant is sufficiently prepared to move on to the application stage. 

1. Program Policies

2. Application

3. Agreement

4. Commitment of Resources Form

5. Program Document Checklist

6. Key Documents list

7. Architectural Color Chart

In accordance with Objective 1.2 in the Immokalee Area Master Plan, the CRA continued to provide financial incentives to businesses in Immokalee via the Commercial Façade Improvement Grant program. The CRA implemented the Program in October 2008. Since that time, 17 façade grants have been awarded to local businesses for a total of $294,621.67. 

Eligible applicants may receive grant funding up to $20,000 as reimbursement, using a one-half (1/2) to 1 match with equal applicant funding for funding for façade improvements to commercial structures.


CRA Commercial Improvement Grant:

The Commercial Façade Improvement Program allows for general improvements to the exterior of commercial structures. Eligible applicants can receive grant funding up to $20,000 using a one-half (1/2)-to-one match with equal applicant funding. For more information visit the link below. 

Commercial Facade Grants Awarded


Lozano's Facade Grant Check


Lozano's Before (Rendering)


Lozano's After